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Online private tutoring and homework assisstance from year 4 to year 12

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Avin Learning is an Australia-based maths and science tutoring company with experienced and dedicated tutors to help students build their confidence and achieve better grades.

Our goal is to provide guidance and support to each and every student with empathy and engagement.


One-on-one Online Tutoring

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Weekly 50 minute Sessions

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Engaging and Encouraging

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24/7 Student & Parent Support

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See a glimpse of a session in action in our sample shot below.

How it works
Why us?


We pride ourselves on being more than just a tutor matching service. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive tutoring experience that supports both students and parents every step of the way with empathy and engagement.

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What People Say About Us


Avin Learning provides the best quality tutoring in Melbourne led by an expert team of tutors. Our team is comprised of students and graduates from some of the top universities in Australia, who are not only highly knowledgeable in their areas but also deeply empathetic and engaging. With outstanding ATAR scores, they're well-equipped to help you achieve your academic goals.



  • What subjects and grade levels do you offer tutoring for?
    We provide maths and biology tutoring, and if you require assistance in other subjects, feel free to contact us. Many of our tutors are also highly experienced in other subjects, too! We offer tutoring services from year 4 to year 12 including different university pathways, including but not limited to VCE, HCS and IB.
  • Do you offer only online tutoring?
    ​Yes, it is simply more convenient and flexible! It also enables us to connect you with many succesful tutors that wouldn't be possible with the traditional way.
  • How does online tutoring work?
    It works just like a face-to-face tutorial, except all the resources will be digital, and it is held on Zoom. Your child will need a computer, a head set and decent internet connection. Once we agree on a day and time to hold sessions, we set the recurring sessions for the whole term. You receive reminders 48 hours before every scheduled session.
  • Who are your tutors and what are their qualifications?
    Our tutors have outstanding raw study and ATAR scores (or equivalent), and they are studying at the top universities in Australia. We take pride in having tutors who are not only successful but also capable of passing on their knowledge in an effective and engaging manner.
  • How do I schedule a tutoring session?
    Enrol your child for the appropriate program by clicking here. Once the enrolment process is finished, you will be directed to a form where you can specify your preferred tutoring times. We will then arrange your sessions and send you a confirmation email.
  • Do you offer small group tutoring?
    Yes, we offer small group tutorings for 2 students who wish to study together.
  • What's the duration of each tutoring sessions?
    Our sessions run for 50 minutes.
  • What is the pricing structure of your tutoring services?
    Avin Learning provides two distinct plan options: Flexible and Committed plan. Each plan has its own unique pricing structure and policies, featuring varying fees based on the student's academic year. Click here for more information.
  • How do you personalise tutoring sessions for individual students?
    The initial step involves pairing your child with a tutor whose personality aligns with theirs, determined through an initial assessment. Following this assessment, we carefully observe the child's learning style, utilizing resources that are tailored to their unique preferences. Additionally, we refine our tutors' teaching skills by reviewing session recordings and offering constructive feedback along the way. In addition to focusing on academic aspects, we dedicate time to establish a personal connection with every student. By gaining insight into their background, interests, and motivations, we aim to foster a nurturing and positive learning environment that motivates them to achieve excellence.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    Under our Flexible plan, you have the option to cancel with credit provided you give a 48-hour notice. Rescheduling is permitted for both plan options with a 48-hour notice, as long as the rescheduled session takes place within two weeks of the originally scheduled session.
  • How can I contact customer support if I have additional questions?
    Send us an inquiry here, or give us call on during business hours on +61 343 282 289

Still have questions? Use our online chat tool to speak to us directly or request a quote here.

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